JAlbum, hop your way to a new gallery

JAlbum is a very simple yet very handy desktop application for creating album and publishing it on the web. It runs on JVM so it can practically run on any operating system. All you need to do is create an album and show the path to the directory of the photos and voila!!! You have your own gallery hosted on the web. Initially JAlbum will provide 30MB free space for hosting your picture gallery but space upto 10GB can be bought.

The software allows users to manage their photo collection, sorting photos into albums, performing basic digital editing and commenting (although not tagging) individual photos. The main focus is on producing HTML and Flash based galleries, for publishing online or distributing via other means. Users can customize the look and functionality of their photo galleries by using a small set of templates or skins that come with the program, or by choosing from over 100 skins available for free download. The community that has formed around Jalbum produces a variety of creative skins, offering galleries based on standard HTML designs, AJAX slideshows and popular Flash based image viewers.

The application is very intuitive, hence one can download it and start using it straight away. You can download the latest version from here.


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