About Me

I am an aspiring software engineer with quality being of utmost importance. I have developed myself as a software engineer since 2006 when I actually got to know the different facets of it and the wonderful things that can be achieved with it. Software development and assuring quality is a passion for me that spawned from them being a necessity. I got into the software industry because that is only area where I knew I could make a mark in my country but soon it became my true calling. I have kept myself open to all sorts of development be it web application development, desktop application development, static website development and so on and so forth. I like to work in a dynamic environment where working on different technologies is common.

I have always loved teaching which is evident because I was a TA for MSC142(Visual Programming for Business), a course that was designed for the non-cse students to learn programming using Visual Basic for Application(VBA). It was particularly difficult since I had the responsibility to teach programming to students who were not at all familiar with such a concept. Moreover I had to grade class and lab assignments and also take regular lab classes which were also designed by me. Unfortunately I was rejected 4 times for the post of TA. Even when I was rejected I worked as a student counselor and teacher for BUCC(BRAC University computer Club) Help Desk, a student governed association whose main focus was to help the students with assignments, quizzes, mid term and final exams. I also took a semester long workshop on event driven programming and supervised building of two softwares. With my practical knowledge of the software industry and my keen interest in research, I believe that I would be able to contribute and would be an asset in the field of teaching and research.


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